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Your City, Your Energy!

Today, parallel to the increase in the world population, the rapid development in urbanization and industrialization increases the need for energy day by day. The limited natural resources from which we obtain energy necessitate energy diversity. As much as the importance of energy supply, protecting the environment and nature in the processes of obtaining these resources is a very important responsibility in terms of leaving a viable world to future generations. From this point of view, “environmental and nature friendly energy production policies” is one of the basic principles of our organization.

Established in 1962 as a subsidiary of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, we are working with all our strength to become a strong and respected trade mark in the energy sector with the sensitivity of “a clean, green and viable Istanbul” as the most long established and experienced company in the industry. We are working with all our teams in a way that will keep all the beauties of our historical heritage Istanbul in parallel with scientific and technological developments, with our activities in 4 fields: energy, lighting, fuel management and fuel waste separation & recovery, with our effective and efficient investment programs that will increase energy independence.

As Istanbul Energy, we install rooftop and ground mount solar energy systems (SES) in the service buildings of municipalities, especially in the corporate buildings and subsidiaries of IMM affiliates, in industrial establishments and enterprises in the private sector.

Silivri Seymen Biomass Power Plant, which we put into service with 17 MW in September 2020 and reached a capacity of 37 MW as of October 2021, has the distinction of being the energy production facility with the highest installed capacity in a single center in Turkey. When the project is completed, it will be the world’s largest BES project installed in a single area with a capacity of 90 MW.

With our Climate Change Processes Management Office, which we took action as of June 2021, under the leadership of our Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor, Mr. Ekrem İmamoğlu, within the framework of the European Green Consensus and the C40 Big Cities Climate Leadership Group decisions, we are on the way to become a “Fair, Green and Creative Istanbul”. We are working towards the goal of being a “carbon neutral” and “resilient city” in Turkey.

Increasing the use of renewable energy resources, creating awareness on green cities and green industry is one of our areas of responsibility. For this purpose, we provide Energy Efficiency Consultancy services aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions related to climate change in line with the zero carbon target for 2050. We create the energy road map of institutions and organizations, industrial zones and local governments. We carry out productivity enhancing projects and provide consultancy services with our expert staff for the production, management and efficient use of energy.

As one of the leading companies in the fuel sector, which has a significant market share with our 60 years of experience; we meet the demands of public institutions and organizations, and the private sector, especially industrial companies, with wholesale and contracted retail automation system throughout the country. We serve the fuel, LPG, CNG demands of our people with our fuel stations in Istanbul. In our facility in Ergene, we carry out the separation and recycling of ship fuel waste.

In the field of lighting; we provide the preparation of lighting projects, manufacturing applications and service maintenance services for the historical and cultural architectural structures, parks and gardens of our Istanbul. We provide the service and support services of the lighting systems within the organization of IMM with our team of 200 people on the European and Anatolian sides 24/7.

In electric vehicle charging systems, we ensure the expansion of our charging service network with our Şarjparkı branded products, installation, software, service, maintenance and turnkey solutions.

Within the scope of Sustainable Energy Action Plans; we carry out energy production, management and energy efficiency programs of local governments, institutions and organizations, industrial facilities, sites and residences with our expert engineer teams. By making good practices within the scope of energy action plans a part of our system, we create the energy road map by taking ISO 50001 standards, National Energy Action Plans, and the European Union Green Agreement as a reference.

As Istanbul Energy, our goal is; to be a sustainable, effective, efficient, environmentally friendly, scientific and technological based company that creates strong added value with qualified projects in the field of energy.

Sincere and best regards,

General Manager