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Lighting construction activities, which were initiated in 2007 in order to ensure that the people of Istanbul live a safe and sustainable life at night as well as during the day, continue with nearly 200 technical personnel employed in our lighting department. Istanbul Energy has been providing 24/7 maintenance and repair services for Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality park and garden lighting equipment since 2007. Lighting poles designed in accordance with the cultural and historical texture of our city and the LED technologies used successfully fulfill the task of raising awareness in the texture of Istanbul and in urban life. Works continue on the illumination of parks, gardens and metrobus stops.

Maintenance and repair works of nearly 400 parks, which are under our responsibility for park and green area lighting, as well as renovation and construction works in the parks in need are carried out by Istanbul Energy. Lighting of Emirgan Park, Gülhane Park, Arnavutköy City Park, Edirnekapı Martyrdom, Hidiv Grove, Sancaktepe Recreation Area, Karacaahmet Cemetery, Eminönü Alibeyköy Tram Line Parks, Atatürk Florya City Forest, Bebek Park and many facilities belonging to various public institutions were renovated by Istanbul Energy in recent years within this scope.

– Within the scope of energy efficiency studies ;

In order to increase efficiency, our parks have been transformed with lighting fixtures with LED light sources, taking into account energy savings and efficiency. This transformation is in the form of dismantling the existing lighting fixtures and replacing them with LED light source fixtures, as well as replacing the light source on the existing fixture.

Maintenance and Remote Monitoring Works

190 facilities throughout Istanbul can be monitored and controlled remotely in order to ensure they can be intervened in a short time and serve without any problems. In addition, smart lighting application continues for existing and newly built facilities.